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Christopher King Discusses School of Health in Leading Healthcare Management Journal

Christopher King

Christopher J. King, PhD, FACHE

(January 16, 2024) In an interview published in January 2024 in the Journal of Healthcare Management, editor, Eric W. Ford, PhD, interviewed School of Health Dean Christopher J. King, PhD, FACHE, about building a school dedicated to teaching and training ways in which future leaders can create a more equitable, evidence-driven, and values-based healthcare system.

“My healthcare journey is guided by a lifelong passion for health and well-being,” King told Ford. He said the School of Health’s mission “…is to advance health and well-being in communities—locally, nationally, and globally. We are building a cadre of future health professionals who recognize the importance of well-being in light of contemporary realities like social media, climate change, political division, and so forth that have had a deleterious effect on well-being. While we are teaching conventional technical skills and concepts, we are deeply committed to holistic personal growth experiences that help students identify their natural talents and explore how their unique narratives have prepared them to do good for the world.”

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