Academic Calendars

About These Calendars

With a broad range of courses, programs, and degrees, there are various year-round learning opportunities. You will find key dates for the academic year on the calendars below. All dates and deadlines must be met in accordance with Eastern Time (ET). While the University Registrar maintains the official academic calendar for Georgetown University, some graduate programs in the School of Health operate with approved different calendars:

For graduate programs within the School of Health, please review your program’s page for the most up-to-date information. For all others, refer to the University Registrar website or review the Main Campus Academic Calendar below.

Please Note: If you are withdrawing from a degree program course, you should consult with your academic dean, Student Financial Services (, and the Office of Veteran Services ( as appropriate to find out how schedule changes could affect your financial aid, loan, repayment, and benefit status. You are required to notify your academic program in writing of your intent to withdraw and you must process all required paperwork for such actions by the published deadlines.

Main Campus and Medical Center Undergraduate and On-Campus Graduate Programs Calendar

Master of Science in Health Systems Administration Program Calendar

For questions about these dates, please contact Alishia Echols,

Multi-Year Academic Calendar