School of Health Faculty

Our faculty comprises experienced researchers, scholars and educators.
(Note: Full-time faculty listed.)

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Department of Human Science

Allan Angerio

Emeritus Faculty
Professor Emeritus

Pablo Irusta

Associate Professor, Chair, Department of Human Science | Associate Dean for School of Health

Jan LaRocque

Associate Professor

Daniel Merenstein

Tenure Line — Professor

Ted Nelson

Associate Professor

Joan Riley

Engelhard Senior Scholar & Associate Professor

Blythe Shepard

Assistant Professor
Dekkers Endowed Chair in Human Science

Rosemary Sokas


Alex Theos

Associate Professor

Jason Tilan

Associate Professor

Department of Health Management & Policy

Patricia Cloonan Ph.D.

Emeritus Faculty

Robert Friedland

Associate Professor
Department of Health Systems Administration

Gultekin Gollu

Assistant Professor

Derek Griffith

Professor, Health Management and Policy and Professor, Department of Oncology, Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center, Founding Co-Director, Georgetown Racial Justice Institute (RJI), Founder and Director of the Center for Men’s Health Equity in the Racial Justice Institute

Sean Huang

Associate Professor

Vanessa Hurley

Assistant Professor

Bette Jacobs

Professor | Law Center – Adjunct

Christopher King

Associate Professor | Dean, School of Health (SLE)
Chair, Department of Health Systems Administration

John Kraemer

Associate Professor, Chair, Department of Health Management Policy

Michael Stoto Ph.D.

Emeritus Faculty
Professor of Health Systems Administration and Population Health

Ryung Suh M.D.

Associate Professor

Department of Global Health

Margaret Baker

Associate Professor

Jennifer Bouey

Associate Professor | Department Chair, Global Health

Eva Jarawan

Assistant Professor

Matthew Kavanagh

Assistant Professor | Adjunct- JD|Law Center – Adjunct|Director of Global Health Policy and Governance
Visiting Professor of Law, Director, Global Health Policy & Politics Initiative, O’Neill Institute for National & Global Health Law

Jessica Kritz

Assistant Professor
Director, Initiative on Health and Peace

Vincent Turbat

Associate Professor

Myriam Vuckovic

Associate Professor

Shabab Wahid

Assistant Professor

Wu Zeng

Associate Professor