Our Foundational Principles and Values

The School of Health fosters an interdisciplinary spirit of discovery required to support the needed evolution in health and health care.

Foundational Principles

The School of Health reflects the ongoing, urgent need to focus our collective efforts on applied health research and on creating a more equitable, evidence-driven and values-based health care system that can withstand the enormous challenges facing our country.  It is this interdisciplinary spirit of discovery that will best support the needed evolution in health and health care.  

All majors in the School of Health focus on cura personalis — the care and development of the whole person — by educating students for a meaningful life, challenging them intensively, but also supporting them in their learning. The School embraces the Jesuit inspired principles shared by the entire Georgetown community, which emphasize the pursuit of knowledge with a responsibility to contribute to the common good. Students develop into health professionals who can recognize and respond to the full human experience encountered in the health field.

The Spirit of Georgetown

As a Jesuit institution, Georgetown is grounded in a nearly 500-year old educational tradition inspired by St. Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Society of Jesus. Today, as a consequence of this long tradition, we can identify a number of characteristics or values that inspirit our University and that are referred to in the University mission statement, institutional documents, and iconography.