Minor Degrees and Prerequisite Courses

The School of Health offers several minors and extra courses. Learn more about the options ranging from minoring in public health to taking prerequisite coursework in the health sciences.

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Undergraduates have three minor options that are offered by the School of Health. 

Global Health Minor

Map of the global footprint of COVID-19 in its first year

The Global Health minor is for students at the School of Health, School of Nursing, College of Arts and Sciences, and McDonough School of Business. It exposes students to the fields of international affairs, health science, and global public health. The minor will provide students with a solid introduction to the multidisciplinary field of global health and teach them the necessary skills to begin to build their own unique global health careers. Students who select a career in global health are actively engaging in economic, social, and political advancement of developing nations around the world through improving the health status of their populations.

Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Minor

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The Health Promotion and Disease Prevention minor is for students at the School of Health and School of Nursing. This minor will provide students with an understanding of the variety of contributing factors to healthful functioning and is appropriate for those students interested in fields such as health science education, health science policy and public health.

Public Health Minor

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The Public Health minor is open to students in Georgetown College, the McDonough School of Business, the School of Foreign Service, the School of Nursing, and the School of Health. This minor approaches health from an interdisciplinary perspective to promote health and well-being of all individuals, while providing students with a core knowledge of public health so they are prepared for further study and scholarship in the field.

Prerequisite Courses

Georgetown University now offers two online courses that are often required for various health disciplines. The courses are four credits each with lab, and are offered fully online with synchronous and asynchronous content.

These courses are open to all non-degree students pursuing a health-based education who need to fulfill prerequisites for nursing or other health professions. Georgetown degree students may also be eligible; for questions, please contact Jennifer Ericson.

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