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School of Health Students Journey to Korea to Explore Health Care System Approaches

Top Image: Pictured from left: Jayla Romain (G ’24), Micah Kinser (G ’24), Simran Madhani (G ’25), Joie Hucko (G’25), Korea Hospital Association Chair Dr. Wang-Jun Lee, Mide Aduloju (G’24), Alyssa Dobiyanski (G ’24), Michelle Sung (G ’24), Thomas Levu (G ’24), Rain Zhang (G ’25) and Angel Phan (G’25)

(April 2, 2024) — A global experience designed to examine the various aspects of health care delivery and systems in comparison to the U.S. system drew 10 Georgetown School of Health graduate students to Seoul, South Korea, in March.

The students are a part of the Master of Science in Health Systems Administration (MHSA) Program.

During their weeklong trip to Seoul that began March 3, the students met with representatives from Samsung Health, Yonsei University College of Medicine, Myongji Hospital and Seoul National University School of Public Health and participated in lectures and panel discussions.

Scenes From the Visit

MHSA students met with health executives from Samsung Health, visiting their Innovation Museum and attending lectures on emerging technologies, health care advances, and exciting future directions impacting the health care landscape.

While visiting Yonsei University College of Medicine, Georgetown University, represented by Ryung Suh, MD, associate professor of Health Management and Policy, signed a memorandum of understanding with college officials to formalize research and academic collaborations.

Suh kicked off the collaboration with Yonsei with a lecture on health policy and market innovations in the U.S. health care system.

Students also toured Severance Hospital, one of the oldest and biggest university hospitals in South Korea.

Students visited with Seoul National University (SNU) faculty and students.

Soonman Kwon, PhD, professor and former dean of the SNU School of Public Health, delivered a lecture on comparative health care and public health systems.

Myongji Hospital provided a tour of its innovative and award-winning general hospital. Myongji is a leading hospital with state-of-the-art centers in robotic surgery, heart and lung transplant, cancer integrative healing center and other key areas.

Samuel Yim, Esq., professor at Yonsei University, led a lecture on blockchain’s potential to transform care and payment models.

Thomas Levu (MHSA ’24), Chandler Dobiyanski, Simran Madhani (MHSA ’25), and Mide Aduloju (MHSA ’24) led a panel discussion on leveraging technology and leading business transformation, moderated by Suh.

Students shared dinner and fellowship with host faculty and students.

Before leaving Korea, students visited the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), Namsan Seoul Tower, various palaces and markets, hiking trails, famous shopping districts and influencer-promoted bakeries.

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