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Student Plans to Use Master’s Degree to Improve Health Care System

January 22, 2020 – Mona Byambadorj (G’20) is pursuing her master of science degree in health systems administration (MHSA) at the School of Nursing & Health Studies. She is enjoying her internship opportunities, seeks to promote health equity, and says her goal is “to improve the health care system and leave it better than it currently is.”

Mona Byambadorj (G’20) is pursuing her master of science degree in health systems administration at Georgetown.

Question: Tell us a bit about yourself and how you discovered Georgetown.

Byambadorj: Prior to enrolling in the MHSA Program at Georgetown University, I completed my B.S. in health care administration at Sacramento State and worked for Dignity Health Medical Foundation, the largest not-for-profit healthcare provider in California. I decided to pursue my master’s degree because I knew that I needed to learn the complexities of the health care system to become a competent leader focused on reducing social inequities of health and to better facilitate a collaborative environment between patients, administrators, and clinicians. Although I knew about Georgetown University by its name alone, I discovered more about Georgetown University after learning that they had a MHSA Program. From researching more about Georgetown, I decided to apply because I identified with the values of the university, especially the central tenet cura personalis.

Question: What stands out for you about the MHSA Program?

Byambadorj: What stands out about the MHSA Program is that it has an extensive network of individuals who are dedicated to supporting and cultivating the success of each student. The MHSA Program is not just a program offered through the school, but a community of support systems including the faculty, past cohorts, and current students working together to find innovative solutions to fix the issues within the health care industry.

Question: What experiential learning opportunities have you been involved in, and how have you enjoyed those?

Byambadorj: Currently, I am interning at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital and Atlas Research. What I’ve enjoyed the most about having the opportunity to intern in two different areas of the health care field is applying what I’ve learned from the program curriculum to practice. I am grateful that I have two mentors that have many years of experience in the health care field and for the opportunity to gain an in-depth perspective on what skills are necessary to manage a hospital as well as a consulting firm.

Question: How do you think Georgetown is preparing you for your career?

Byambadorj: One of my favorite things about Georgetown is having to ability to meet so many amazing guest speakers who are innovators in their career field. Attending the guest lectures offered through our school challenges me to think outside the box and provide a different perspective on issues that I might not have recognized by myself. Georgetown offers the perfect balance between student life and professional life where students can learn inside and outside of a classroom.  

Question: What are you passionate about and hope to pursue after Georgetown?

Byambadorj: As I continue my studies in the program and learn more about the complexity of issues within the health care industry, I often find myself having more questions than answers. However, my goal is to ensure that when a patient is at their most vulnerable state while navigating through our health care system, the cost of care is not a factor when deciding a treatment option. I hope to improve the health care system and leave it better than it currently is.