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Sophomore Enjoys Global Health Major, Carroll Fellows Initiative, and Extracurricular Activity

December 3, 2020 – Thomas Joyce (NHS’23) is a sophomore global health major. At Georgetown, he participates in the Carroll Fellows Initiative, as well as the GU Phantoms, Caring for Children with Cancer Club, GU Politics, and Club Baseball. “I have loved every moment being a global health major thus far,” he says.

Thomas Joyce (NHS'23) stands in a lighted hallway in the Old North Building on campus.
Thomas Joyce (NHS’23) (Photo February 2020)

Question: Where did you grow up, and how did you learn about Georgetown?

Joyce: I am from a small beach town on the South Shore of Boston, where I’ve lived my whole life. When beginning my college search, I knew that I wanted to apply to a health care-based program; however, the typical route of biology or chemistry did not spark my interest. My curiosities were rooted in infectious disease study and health care systems, especially as they pertained to vulnerable communities worldwide and how to work with these communities to understand and address their needs and priorities.

Due to this, with the help of my family, I was able to discover the global health major at Georgetown, in which I found a marriage of these ideas. Upon learning more about the school in general and its values centered around the creation of global citizens and the promotion of giving back, I knew that this was the place for me. 

Question: What drew you to want to study in the health field?

Joyce: What drew me to the health field was that I have always had an innate passion for enriching and elevating the lives of others. I saw the health field as a vessel for the materialization of this interest. The prospect of directly impacting someone else’s life in a positive way has always been at the center of my intentions, and the health field allows me to pursue this as a career. It gives me the opportunity to meet and learn from new people, as well as give someone hope in times of frustration, or give someone joy in times of despair, or even give someone a miracle when they truly need it, so I would say my passion for people is what underlies my interest in the health field. 

Question: How are you enjoying the global health major?

Joyce: I have loved every moment being a global health major thus far. The classes have been incredibly engaging, and the professors radiate both passion and knowledge regarding the subjects they teach. Being able to learn from high-ranking professionals in the fields we are learning about has been an incredibly insightful experience, but beyond this, the relationships I have built with both faculty and peers have been central to my experience. The NHS, and global health in particular, is truly a family, and I can happily say that I have witnessed and experienced this since the first time I stepped foot in St. Mary’s. 

Question: Tell us about the activities you are involved in at Georgetown, including the Carroll Fellows Program.

Joyce: At Georgetown, I am involved in clubs such as Club Baseball, Caring for Children with Cancer Club (C3) and GU Politics. I am also a member of the GU Phantoms, an a capella group at Georgetown in which I sing tenor II. Additionally, I have had the unique opportunity this semester to be a part of a couple different research projects revolving around pertinent issues in the global health field.

Finally, I was accepted into the Carroll Fellows Initiative earlier this year and am currently participating in the “Forum” class that it offers, which has opened my eyes to the intricacies of the human mind and how it operates, and has been an enriching opportunity that I look forward to continuing next semester as well.

Question: What are your plans for the future?

Joyce: Coming into Georgetown, I thought that I had a clear vision of what I wanted my future to be, but upon expanding my knowledge about global health career options, I have decided to commit myself to exploring pathways within this field and finding what realm I am truly meant for. I am currently working on research and seeking out internships to gain experiences that will help me make this decision, but I anticipate that my future will likely involve the continuation of my studies following the completion of my undergraduate degree, prior to my eventual entrance into the global health field professionally.