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Health Care Management & Policy Major Writes Forthcoming Book on Innovation

April 14, 2021 – Isayah Henry (NHS’21), a senior health care management & policy major, has authored the forthcoming book, Innovator’s Clinic: How Small Innovators Are Positioned Best to Address Healthcare’s Longest-Standing Challenges.

Isayah Henry poses in front of a window while holding a book.
Isayah Henry (NHS’21) is author of the forthcoming book, Innovator’s Clinic: How Small Innovators Are Positioned Best to Address Healthcare’s Longest-Standing Challenges.

“In the fall of my senior year, I did some reflecting on the career goals I have accomplished, discoveries I had made, and the person I grew into at Georgetown,” Henry said. “I realized a lot of my personal progress was set in motion by the excitement of health care years ago. This realization inspired me to share stories of health care’s fearless creators with my peers and colleagues.”

The book is scheduled for an August publication date with New Degree Press. (Visit Henry’s website for information about his book.)

‘Unique Exposure’

With graduation near, Henry reflected back on his experiences in the HCMP major and at NHS, noting they have helped provide the foundation for his book.

“HCMP and the NHS offer a unique exposure to the American health care system – its cracks, areas of opportunity, structure, and future,” he said. “My major granted me a vivid understanding of how health care ventures generate revenue, find clients, and how they satisfy health industry demands.”

The lessons from class, he added, helped frame his discussion of “the success of brilliant innovators.” 

“But more importantly, HCMP informs how I challenge some preconceptions of health care and describe it as one ripe for big changes in the next decade,” Henry said.

‘Dare to Think Big’

Henry, who will serve as an associate consultant at Bain & Company upon graduation, is planning to speak about his book with high school students with the intent of inspiring their interest in the health care field.

A book cover and a smart phone both display the title of Isayah Henry's book "Innovator's Clinic."
(Book image courtesy Henry)

“I want to share two lessons,” he said. “First, health care is a dynamic industry more people should seriously consider a career in. And secondly, anyone can create amazing things – not just those who run large corporations, write policy, or hold a prestigious degree.”

“Many of the venture founders I interviewed for the book are students and young professionals like many of my peers,” he highlighted. “I want my readers to dare to think big.”

‘Ideas Into Actions’

A concrete example of a health care innovation involves retail-based health clinics, Henry described.

“In 2000, CVS executives noticed the cost of non-urgent care was skyrocketing in traditional health systems,” he said. “CVS is a good example of an innovative company ‘filling the gap’ left behind by larger health systems.”

As his time as a Georgetown undergraduate comes to an end, Henry offered some advice to aspiring student authors and innovators.

“I wish I realized this sooner, but the best way to turn ideas into actions or compelling messages is to commit yourself to one effort,” he said. “If you wish to write a book, start a venture, or solve a problem, you must first eliminate as many distractions as possible and commit to becoming an expert in that one thing.”

By Bill Cessato