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Health Care Management & Policy Major Enjoys Opportunities to Lead, Perform, and Serve

Isayah Henry in a suit and tie standing against a neutral backdrop

September 24, 2019 – Isayah Henry (NHS’21) majors in health care management & policy at the School of Nursing & Health Studies. Henry spent the past summer interning at United Healthcare in Connecticut. He is currently co-chairing the Minority Health Initiative Council, a student organization at the school, and is a member of Georgetown’s chapter of the service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega.

Question: Where did you grow up, and how did you discover Georgetown?

Henry: I grew up in New Britain, Connecticut, a place known for its diversity and first-generation communities. My cousin is responsible for my discovery of Georgetown. I have a small family here in the United States, and the major perk of that is how involved everyone gets to be in one another’s journey. Because of this, I attended a number of Georgetown events throughout middle and high school. Georgetown was the only school I seriously considered so I am grateful to have the opportunity to now call the Hilltop home. 

Question: How have you enjoyed Georgetown and the health care management & policy major?

Henry: Those that know me personally will know how highly I speak of the health care management & policy (HCMP) major. My reasoning is twofold. First, the HCMP major is highly focused and relevant to contemporary topics within a major sector of the American socio-political landscape. As a result, I have been able to bring sharp, thoughtful contributions to my internships and beyond. Secondly, the size of the program provides the perfect platform to build critical relationships with faculty to build the background we need for the road ahead.

As for the rest of my Georgetown experience, I can say without a doubt all of my expectations have been exceeded. I quickly found my place on campus, and I have been able to lay the foundation to a highly rewarding career after I graduate.

Question: Tell us a bit about your summer internships, as well as your activities at Georgetown.

Henry: My campus activities include service and performance. I am a brother of Alpha Phi Omega (APO) and the co-chair of the Minority Health Initiative Council. APO targets a wide range of local causes, while MHIC targets local causes related to health challenges. My project for the semester is to lay the foundation of a scholarship fund for local high school students interested in health care. Additionally, I perform with the latin dance group Ritmo y Sabor.

The summer following my first year was spent in business insurance sales with a small brokerage in Connecticut. The summer following my second year was spent in data analytics with United Healthcare in Hartford. Next summer, I will be working in management consulting with Bain & Company here in Washington. 

Question: What kinds of initiatives would you, as co-chair of the Minority Health Initiative Council, like to accomplish this year?

Henry: I have two goals for the semester for the MHIC. I first want to make a name for the group among my NHS peers. I want our mission to be known and my fellow reps to be recognized as resources for local health challenges. Secondly, I want to follow up this campaign of raising awareness through the success of a high impact project, like the scholarship fund project described above, to show the council’s consistent efforts. 

Question: What are you thinking about for the future?

Henry: I am grateful for having been able to sort out so much so soon in regard to career prep and extracurriculars. I will be sure to continue to gather life experiences and challenge myself for my remaining time on the Hilltop.