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Human Science Junior Plans to Attend Medical School to Become Orthopedic Surgeon

August 3, 2021 – As a Georgetown student, Albert Grandy III (NHS’23) made sure to add an important descriptor when talking about his childhood home of Syracuse, NY. “Yes,” the human science major joked, “as in our rivals.”

Albert Grandy III (NHS’23) is a human science major who plans to attend medical school to become an orthopedic surgeon.

“I learned about Georgetown through my parents,” he said, noting his teenage years were spent in Bluffton, SC (near Hilton Head) and Savannah, GA. “They both grew up in the DC area and wanted me to attend a prestigious university, so Georgetown was a perfect fit.” 

Additionally, the self-described “basketball connoisseur” was attracted to the university for its team’s long history and committed fans.

‘Broadened My Horizon’

Grandy said he has valued being a human science major. “I am introduced to a broad spectrum of science topics that are beneficial for my health and well-being and beneficial for helping me serve others,” he said, adding that he has enjoyed Professor Joan Riley’s course focusing on health promotion and disease prevention.

“The course broadened my horizon on not only how communities are provided health care and who qualifies, but also how health literacy is just as important to comprehend for communities to have greater access to health services,” he said.

He, too, has enjoyed being a Georgetown student. “The Georgetown community is always high-spirited and close-knit, where anyone can feel the Hoya pride,” Grandy highlighted. “Everyone is open and easy to have conservation on just about any topic, which I appreciate.”  

Staying Positive 

Positivity and helpfulness are two ways that Grandy tries to approach life. An avid athlete, he said a sports injury helped him focus on health.

“Surprisingly, my knee problems are what drove me to pursue the health field because I wanted to learn how I could recover faster and produce better,” Grandy shared. “That mindset carried over to thinking about how I can help others recover faster and perform better. Also, my father is actively involved in the health care community – focusing on underrepresented communities – so watching and working with him inspired me to continue his path.”

In addition to his studies, Grandy works alongside NHS Assistant Dean Brian Floyd on various projects, including helping plan a dinner featuring Dr. Antoine M. Garibaldi, who serves as president of the University of Detroit Mercy. 

“A group of 15 people talked about their experiences throughout college and the professional world living as an African American,” Grandy described.

Looking Forward to Fall

The Georgetown student also gets to play the sport he loves by acting as a practice player for the Hoyas women’s basketball team.

“I am ready to finally be back on campus,” he said, recognizing “everyone wants to settle back in and have an enjoyable and productive semester.”

In his junior year, he plans to become more involved in areas that interest him, including singing in an a capella group and launching a motivational group on empowerment and positive thinking.

“As for a career path,” Grandy said, “my goal is to still become an orthopedic surgeon, and now I have a profound interest in neuroplasticity.”

By Bill Cessato