Department of Human Science

A professor wearing a lab coat looks on as a student looks through a microscope

The Department of Human Science is a vibrant learning community of expert faculty who teach and mentor students in the health sciences, create exciting opportunities for research and scholarship, and position graduates to excel in dental, medical, public health programs and other graduate opportunities, or to enter the workforce.

Alumni Outcomes

Human science alumni have gone on to attend master’s and doctoral programs for public health, basic science, medicine, dentistry, and physical therapy at universities like Georgetown, George Washington, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Michigan, Wake Forest, and Yale.

Graduates also enter the workforce in areas such as bio-technology research, health communication, and management consulting, joining organizations that include Booz Allen Hamilton, Deloitte, and the National Institutes of Health.

Bachelor’s Program: Study With Us!

The Bachelor of Science in Human Science program is known for undergraduate research opportunities, including discovery, presentation, and publication; exceptional outcomes in terms of career and graduate school placements, as well as fellowships; pre-med and study abroad participation; and excellent faculty mentorship.

Department Faculty

Allan Angerio

Emeritus Faculty
Professor Emeritus

Ilona Argirion

Tenure Line — Assistant Professor

Pablo Irusta

Associate Professor, Chair, Department of Human Science | Associate Dean for School of Health

Jan LaRocque

Associate Professor

Daniel J Merenstein

Tenure Line — Professor

Ted Nelson

Associate Professor

Joan Riley

Engelhard Senior Scholar & Associate Professor

Blythe Shepard

Assistant Professor
Dekkers Endowed Chair in Human Science

Rosemary Sokas


Alex Theos

Associate Professor

Jason Tilan

Associate Professor