Department of Health Management and Policy

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About the Department

The Department of Health Management and Policy offers dynamic academic programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Students have the opportunity to learn from faculty members who have backgrounds in academic and practice-oriented settings. In their programs, students have rich classroom experiences, as well as hands-on experiential learning opportunities.

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We are living in an extraordinary era. COVID-19 has amplified health disparities and systemic racism as a public health issue, while senseless killings of Black people have simultaneously led to racial justice activism throughout the nation. Collectively, this moment is the outcome of centuries of inequities that disproportionately compromise the health status and quality of life for people of color.

As a community that works daily to advance the health, prosperity, and the dignity of vulnerable populations, Georgetown University is called now with even greater urgency to act boldly and uphold these foundational commitments. 

Drawing from decades of accomplishments and a university-wide commitment to racial justice, Georgetown’s Department of Health Management and Policy is uniquely positioned to catalyze efforts to eradicate health disparities and move us closer to a world in which all people can achieve their full health potential.

Department Faculty

Prof. John Kraemer
Chair and Associate Professor

Dr. Maria Alva
Assistant Research Professor

Dr. Gultekin Gollu
Assistant Professor

Dr. Carole Roan Gresenz
Bette Jacobs Endowed Professor

Dr. Derek Griffith
Professor and Co-Founding Director of the Racial Justice Institute

Prof. Sam Halabi

Dr. Sean Huang
Associate Professor

Dr. Vanessa Hurley
Assistant Professor

Dr. Bette Jacobs

Dr. So-Yeon Kang
Assistant Professor

Dr. Daniel Kim
Assistant Professor

Dr. Christopher King
Associate Professor

Dr. Ryung Suh
Associate Professor

Dr. Patricia Cloonan
Associate Professor Emerita

Dr. Michael Stoto
Professor Emeritus


Alishia Echols
Associate Director of Graduate Studies

Tyler Hill Whatley
Program Coordinator

Adjunct Department Faculty

Sumegha Asthana

Saad Chaudhry

Sonia Canzater

LaShanda Cobbs

Greg Downing

Peter Erwin

Jennifer Ford

Sara Hejazi

Bernard Horak

Fred Hyde

Susan Kim

Susan Kirsh

Kishka McClain

Andrew Mulcahy

Jeffery Nadel

Jason Ormsby

Ruth Pollard

Purva Rawal

Allie Reschovsky

Maureen Schafer

Frederic Selck

Ipsita Smolinski

Marshall Strisik

Angela Thomas

John Wallenhorst

Kathryn Watson

Mimi Zhang